Terms and conditions of use


1. The following terms and conditions are binding and cannot be altered without the prior written consent of the Company.

2. All goods and services sold are on a bank transfer/3D secured gateway and cash basis.

3. Over and above the normal warranty conditions set out above, goods are sold on an ex-store basis. The responsibility of the Company ceases and the risk in the goods passes to the customer immediately the goods leave the Company's store, unless the Company undertakes to deliver the goods. In the latter case, the Company’s responsibility and risk will cease at delivery point.

4. "Force majeure" applies and includes without limitation:

    a)    Delays in deliveries arising from circumstances beyond the Company's control.

    b)    All obstacles that render the execution of the order totally or partially impossible and for which the Company cannot be held responsible, such as war, strikes and lockouts.

5.     Prices may be revised, at any time, for any reason, including currency devaluation, revaluation, increase in freight charges, customs duty. In the event of any price alteration, all orders will be invoiced at the price ruling at the date of delivery. This revision applies to the contract value irrespective of any advance payment or deposit which may have been made.

6.    Illustrations, photographs and descriptions provided by the Company are intended as a general guide only and are not binding.

7. Goods delivered cannot be returned.

8. Any liability of the Company if any is strictly limited to the value of the goods purchased.

9. Transactions on the internet shall be at the sole risks and perils of the customer.

10. Goods must be taken by the customer at his own cost from the Company’s store by latest 5 working days following the payment for same via internet unless the company undertakes to deliver the goods. It is the customer’s duty to inspect the goods prior to taking delivery.

11. The Company does not guarantee that the goods affixed for sale on the website will be available at the time of the order.